3 Facts About Dahlias Purple and White Tips

purple and white dahlia flowers The very early days when SO and I moved to our first home, we spotted these purple and white tips Dahlias. There was no doubt about our "love at first sight" for them. The flowers had to come home with us, and be part of our lives. And they did. We planted the purple and white tips dahlias by the porch along the walkway in our front yard. 
Since then, they have wowed many of our friends, and amazed SO and I year after year. The original spot where I had planted them was great, but after the second splitting of the bulbs with my relatives, the flowers got very weak. A couple of years ago, I took what was left and moved it to the back yard. Carefully, nurturing them and remembering where the bulbs were planted to water them. They took two years to produce flowers like these. 

3 Facts about Purple and White Tips Dahlias: 
1) To encouraged more blooms, cut the Purple and White tips Dahlias regularly 
2) Purple and White tips Dahlias like sun, so do most dahlias 
3) Purple and White tips Dahlias grow back every year.

purple and white dahlia flowers

purple and white dahlia flowers

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  1. Beautiful Purple and White Tips Dahlias!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Absolutely beautiful flowers, aren't they? I will have to keep these in mind when we redo our flower garden.

  3. These are gorgeous, and I love dahlias! Maybe one day soon I can see them and enjoy them in person :-)

  4. Very fine dahlias. What a coincidence: I was just watching the film THE BLUE DAHLIA today. Happy New Year!

  5. beautiful!!!! Following you through Friendship Friday!
    Hope you will hop over and return the follow.
    May your New Year be blessed beyond measure.
    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk


  6. I remember when I first heard the name dahlia. I was a child and I loved that name. A girl had it and then I learned that a flower had it and I wanted to name a daughter the name.

    Very beautiful!


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