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The thought of riding a motorcycle is kind of cool to me, because I haven’t ridden one by myself. Since I started watching Sons of Arnachy on Netlfix, I find it a lot more intriguing to ride in a pack. What’s more, after listening to my SO’s friend telling us stories about his motorcycle adventures in Australia I couldn’t be more eager to find the next flights to Australia.

Some people just have all the right attributes for adventures. They are daring and fearless. They are yes people and willing to take on just about anything. Okay, I am not talking about people in the reality shows, like Fear Factor. Eating worms and bugs are just the worst thing anyone can be doing. That’s gross! I don’t mind the physical challenges, or the daring of jumping off a cliff, out of an airplane, but I don’t know what eating worms, lying with snakes and mice have anything to do with bravery or physical challenge.

Before I get grossed out, back to the motorcycle adventures in Australia. There are Australia Guided Tours, Australia Motorcycle Tour, Off-road Motorbike Tours in Australia, and Dirt Bike, and Trail Riding Motorcycle Adventure. I am sure there are many more clubs and tour adventures that you can check-out if you’re interested in a Motorcycle Tour Adventure. Of course, in order for us to get to join, we would need a couple of flights to Australia.

Just for the sake of Motorcycling fun, here is a question for fun: A group of fish is a school, deer a herd, cars a caravan, what term is used to refer to a bunch of motorcycles riding in a group?

Answer: they are often referred as “a gang” of bikers or riders, sometimes a group or a pack.

image credit from tensionNOT.com
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  1. i only have ridden a motorcycle by myself only once, and thankfully, the accident was not that bad, but i got terrible bruises that scarred my experience of riding a motorcyle, haven't done it ever since :(

  2. Love the illustration you selected. I never rode a motorcycle by myself.

  3. Love the pic! I've been a passenger and while it was fun, I was pretty nervous.

  4. I've ridden on the back of motorcycles a few times. But I'd like to ride one alone for myself too. Just to have the experience.


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