Candle Burning Thursday Two Questions #105

I remember that my sisters and I used to stay up late. I mean into the mornings late. We didn't want to disturb our parents so we would hide in the basement. We had this mattress that sat in one corner and it was where we hung out. The last time I was at our parents' house, I couldn't recognize the area where the mattress was, or even pictured all of us gathering in that spot because the house has been redone since the fire.

Anyhow, I remember a lot of good times with my sisters and the stories that we shared. We drank a lot of hot water and coffee to stay warm and awake. It was our way of "partying." The funny thing is, as vivid as it is in mine mind, I couldn't see it in reality. Even when we tried to go back and relive those memories, it wasn't the same. Everyone is different, we don't have the same circumstances that would bond us, or trap us into spending that kind of time together.
I still like staying up late. It is the time when I get the most out of my thinking, when everything is still and I can relax. Although, I can't say that I have been able to stay up late anymore without feeling pain in the mornings.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #105

1) Do you recall having memories of a place, or experience of something that you  actually feel the same?

2) Is there any cause and effect for you if you were to stay up late?

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  1. Fun times, Amanda.

    1. I have many memories shared with my Brothers and particularly spending Summers in Santa Cruz. However, you are right, people change and the memories are not the same.

    2. I used to be able to stay up through the wee hours of the morning. Now I have to be in bed by 10:00 p.m. or the next day I am just dragging :)

  2. I remember those times. Though our circumstances are now all different, and we live so far from each other; that bond is still there when we really gonna need it.
    I can't stay up late anymore since I have early morning duties with little T, and I also get headache!

  3. Well now, we still do when we were on the cruise ship, just not as often. I can't stay up late anymore, because I get huge headache.

  4. 1) everytime I am in the ocean, memories of childhood fills me, like being rock by the waves, and same thing, i dream about it at night :) always a pleasant dream.

    2) i can't stay up late without paying the price, sometimes, paying for it for weeks! weeks of terrible headache and nausea. thus, i just avoid staying up late at all.

  5. Amanda, I am up late now and almost every night though it is always my intention to go to bed at a decent hour. :-) I used to have some very good friends as a child. We have tried to recreate the closeness but we cannot seem to recapture it. The silence is awkward, but I have wonderful friends now and we have a great understanding - time makes a strange distance.

  6. 1. No experience of it .
    2. I get a bit more tired but that is just it.

  7. 1) My sister and I would go down to the creek and do things we wouldn't do aroung the farm place. Smoking was one of those things, cigarettes or other dried weeds around.

    2) I like to stay up late and never go to bed before 1:00 am. Midnight once in a while is early for me. Right now it is 20 minutes till one. There aren't any problems in doing this except if I have to get up early that will be hard. My waking up time is after 7:30 in the morning, generally I get out of bed after the ABC or NBC news at eight.

  8. I never stayed up late at my childhood home unless I was having a slumber party, but even then we didn't stay up extremely late. However, I do recall staying with my girlfriend for sleep overs. Her grandparents allowed her to use their camper trailer for slumber parties and we would stay up VERY late. We had so much fun doing that, too. Talking, giggling, dancing,...No grown ups to tell us we were being loud and it's time to turn off the lights. It was great!

    In recent years, we've put in some late nights on the weekends having a movie marathon with the family and then when it's only been the two of us we have stayed up till the sun peeked its head. I don't do all nighters too well anymore. I'm usually a wreck when I finally do get up for the day. It's fun to do once in awhile and I'm glad it's kind of a rare thing.

    Thanks for hosting! ^.^

  9. I remember late nights with my sister growing up. Some of our best memories were created after we should have been sleeping. I certainly can't stay up that late anymore though!

  10. I think when I was a child I used to go out and tie the goats and animals out to pasture and my favorite part of this early morning process was I get to climb the apple tree and eat as many fruits as I can. This is a good memory for me, even though it's seeming so less connected to me.

    2. I still stay up too late. Now my body doesn't even body asking me to go to sleep. It just passes out. :)

    Happy weekend honey.

  11. Participated in this Thursday two questions. the answers on my blog.

    I don't recall having to stay up late when i was a child. My parents were strict about going to bed early.


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