Blue Agave Margarita Recipe Chevy Style

Blue Agave Margarita
There isn't many hard liquor that I like, or can handle for that matter. Yet, I can drink Blue Agave Margarita just fine without too much complications. Blue Agave Margarita tastes good and looks very enticing! It is a perfect drink to get a party started. I love it in the summer days and the summer nights. I love it with good food and good friends. 

If you like margaritas, you'll have to try this Blue Agave Margarita recipe, it is similar to Chevy's.  SO and I have been using the recipe for years and loved it to this day.

The portions below will make approximately 4 servings. If you want less (which I doubt), just divide the portions in 4. 

6 ozs silver tequila (herradura, tequila)
2 ozs triple sec
2 ozs blue curacao
2 cups sour mix or margarita mix (prepared)
salt (rim optional)
wedge lime (garnish) 
Crushed ice
call me to share :-) 

Blue Agave Margarita Mosaic
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  1. I like the champagne cocktails, they always seem so elegant for New Year's Eve.

  2. these looks so cool, and the blue color makes it all the more thirst quenching

  3. This looks awesome!! I can't wait to try it! My favorite drink these days is a margarita and I'm always looking for a twist on it ;)

    Thank you for linking up with the GtKY hop! Hope to see you back next week!

    1. It is awesome. easy to make and easy to drink ;-)

  4. Yes, the blue color makes it so very festive for the paries.

  5. these would warm up my winter right now :) ain't nothin wrong with that! also, the colour matches all the crazy snow we have at the moment. it's perfect!

    thanks for sharing with us at the wednesday fresh foods link up. i look forward to seeing what other seasonal & real/whole food posts you have for us next week!! xo, kristy

  6. This is a beautiful drink, yum! Hope you have a fantastic week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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