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Jell-O Mosaic Broken Glass Desert

A fun and easy desert to make. Not too sweet. Cool and light. The recipe and how to make is in the video below. Try making some Jell-O Mosaic yourself, it will be loved by your kids and guests.
This is by far one of the easiest recipes and as delicious as it looks, literally three main ingredients: Jell-O packets, Knox mix, and condense milk.

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  1. This is a fun activity for sure, and delicious looking..so tempted to make one now :-)

    1. The JellO tastes so good with condense milk that it is unbelievable that Jello can be that good.

  2. Very cool! I just made some rainbow jello, maybe I'll try this next time! ^-^

  3. These are so colourful, Amanda. I don't really do desserts that much, but these are quite attractive. And with only 3 ingredients, they seem to be really easy to make.

  4. This is so neat! I know my kids would love it :)

  5. oh, i love jello desserts and these are very colorful.

  6. Yummy and beautiful looking yellow mosaic!

  7. My son asked me to purchase jello
    Maybe he'd love to do this then!

  8. I watched the video and wow. so easy!

  9. My aunt used to make something like this when I was a kid and I loved it!

  10. Very cool! My kids would love something like this!


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