Thursday Two Questions #97 Cupcakes or Birthday Cake?

Last week was the wonderful celebration of my princess Trinity's Birthday. It was such a joy watching her soaked-it-up, and running around with her friends. She got the attention of the year for the year!

From attending many Birthday parties, the one thing that I took note of was the little delays and chaos when the hosts had to cut the cake to serve more than 20 kids and 30 parents. At this time it seems to be a challenge to cut, move the pieces of cakes and deliver them to everyone.

 So instead of having a cake this year, we served cupcakes. SO helped me put together 60 cupcake toppers in the Lalaloopsy theme. They came out very nice, below are some photos from the party. Trinity had a petite cake too to blow-out the candles. I just couldn't get over the tradition of blowing out candles on a "cake." It is currently one of my hang-ups...smiles.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #97
1) Have you served cupcakes at a Birthday party before?
2) Do you think not having a cake would take away from the Birthday tradition?

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  1. I'm find with having cupcakes for a birthday. In fact I feel that there will be lesser wastage.
    We had an assortment of cake for my mum's birthday so everyone gets their favourite flavour.

  2. Firstly, Happy Birthday to the little princess, and the foods look so scrumptious.

    I have been thinking about blowing on the cake this last few years when I witness something that was not pleasant or healthy..

    I have never done the cupcakes for birthday, but it is a great idea..and should be forcefully applied to all birthdays :-)

  3. I have had cupcakes, boston cream pie and pumpkin pie. I think it should be whatever is easy especially when serving dozens of children and whatever the birthday boy or girl likes. I have a friend who never wants anything but pizza for his birthday :)

  4. Good thinking, Amanda. Good questions too!

    1. Yes, this Saturday we had a 'delayed' birthday party for our granddaughter. She had a traditional cake (see the post just prior to the one above with the 2Q's link).
    A little later we celebrated the mother, our daughter's birthday. We had cupcakes for her. They were a big hit.

    2. Yes, it would take away. WE MUST HAVE A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!

  5. Gotta be cake!!!! Why? So I can get the biggest piece.

  6. Happy Birthday to Miss Trinity!

    I love the idea of cupcakes. The table looks amazing. I've never done it but if I were doing a birthday party tomorrow cupcakes it would be. Not only does it same time but everyone gets an equal serving.

    I don't think a tradition is as important as having fun at a birthday party.

  7. Cupcake is a great idea for birthday! Blowing on the cake has raised the hair on my back too..

    Your food was scrumptious, and well received!

  8. Yes, we've served cupcakes as a birthday cake alternative and think it's a great idea! One of the things we love about it is that it is automatic portion control built in for those who want to enjoy a treat but are fitness concious!

    Although I probably prefer a birthday cake, I think that either is find and think the cupcakes are quite trendy!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  9. I like the idea of the cup cake. WE've never used it because we always have small birthday parties for the kids - only close friends. (We don't feel we have to waste time and effort on the fringes of friends the kids don't even like that much, but this is a personal choice).

    I don't like cake that much. However, I always have cake for the kids and for my husband. He used to buy a cake for me, but since I never eat any of it, he's started to get me apple pies (I like these better). To be honest, not having a cake doesn't make me enjoy my birthday less. I just like to have my family there.

    I think a person should have whatever they want. It's their birthday and they shouldn't feel bugged down by tradition.

  10. Glad she had a wonderful birthday party! I LOVE the colors. So beautiful!
    I agree with having the cake and candles :)
    1. Not yet, if I have to have a big party, I definitely will.
    2. I don't think so. It's not a happy birthday cake. It's a happy birthday to the birthday person :)

    Happy weekend to you!

  11. I am late here, belated happy birthday to Trinity. I haven't attended a kids party for a very long time, so don't know if they serve cupcakes, but at parties at school when some students have birthday, they do bring cupcakes for their classmates ( and teachers too), now i know why it is popular for the students to bring to share, they don't have to slice it for their friends :)


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