Fly to LA, Don't Drive

I haven’t seen my friend Gianna in a while.  Since she transferred and got into UCLA, her life has been nonstop with events and schoolwork.  The last time I searched for flights to Los Angeles,  I was amazed at how many different flight times, but given that it was during Spring Break, most flights were all sold out.  I reluctantly resorted to driving instead.

Being a Bay Area native, it was somewhat of a culture shock for me.  The one thing that stuck out to me in particular was the obscene amount of traffic on the highways at every hour.  In the Bay, we have certain time frames to expect traffic: (8-10am, 12-1pm, or 4-7pm).  In LA, it’s all fair game.

After making the mistake of traveling by car last time down 101, I realized that I had to utilize a different method to get there.  Unfortunately, since I lack the super powers to beam myself to her doorstep, I had to think harder.  Well, the solution was simple and it was right in front of me.  (It was right above my head, to be exact).  I began looking for flights to Los Angeles and to my surprise it was much cheaper to fly than to drive!  And as long as I get a window seat, everyone is happy because LA traffic is not a game I want to play.  I will lose every time.
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  1. It's good to know that flight to LA is cheaper than drive. I have no idea about this, but coincidentally, someone just told me the same thing.

  2. Traffic has a way of inducing tourette's (sp) syndrome.

    Glad it was cheaper to fly.

  3. This is great information for me, actually. God willing, we may be coming for an extended visit to LA next year. We'll need to get around California, so if flying in and out of LA is better (and cheaper) than driving, this is useful information.


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