Love the Watch or Lose It?

I saw it coming, didn't you?

It is inevitable, people are starting to lose their watches, instead they are relying on their cell phones for time. Me for one, had been converted, not by choice. I did love my watch…it was like my car. It was a goal I set for myself to achieve and I earned it rightfully. Therefore I loved it so.

Every now and then, while surfing through the internet, I see the Bulova Precisionist Watches. It is amazingly cute and I fell in a trance of day dreaming. I dream that one day, I will be wearing a watch again, and I don’t have to search through my purse to find my phone. It will just be normal as in "what was."

A watch to me is an accessory. It identifies with the personality. It shows s off your style. Therefore, it might not be necessary today, but it is something that we can wear as a part of ourselves. There is still something about wearing a watch…For most men, it is one of few accessories that seemed to be acceptable. For women, it can complete her outfit.

So have you been converted? Did you lose your watch by telling time with your cell phones?
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  1. I do think watches make nice accessories and I still see ones that I would like to have. With that said I haven't worn a watch in about two years, my cell gives me the time when I need it.

  2. no, I have never been converted, despite my hubby asking me before what the watch is for, i even sleep with my watch, it is my comfort level as I tell him, somehow, I just feel something is lacking without a watch

  3. I have been thinking about this, wearing a watch again. There are times, when I need to tell time but don't have one..

  4. I've always worn a watch. And when my babies came along, I got more attached to my watch. I never wanted to miss a feeding time or nap time etc.

    Now I think it's just habit. I still wear one even though I've got my mobile phone with me most times.

  5. I go through so many watches and then when the battery dies, they go right in my drawer. I am too lazy to get a new battery and just rely on my phone.

  6. To be honest, I still would love to own a watch. I've had a traumatic experience with a watch as a child and never got once since that, however I want one so bad.

    I'm not converted because I don't walk around with my cell phone in my hand, as a matter a fact I can rarely find my cell phone when I need it.


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