Thursday Two Questions #87 - American Idol Finalists

I am not sure if my brain is all here this week, or that my brain is so here and overworked that I've forgotten what my routines are, like forgetting about TTQ this week. Judy S. sent me an email just now, and it finally clicked what I do on Wednesdays afternoons. So I am sorry if you came by.

I have been following this season's American Idol. I think this year AI have so much talent, more than any other year. The three finalists now have talents that if compared to other seasons are each good enough to win the final round. There are groups of American Idol critiques or friendly discussions going on everywhere. And I used to belong to a group that converse through email. They took it SERIOUSLY - write pages about their views. I had to stop, because I don't have that kind of time to write about my opinions - which no one cares about. SO and I watch this show, and he is somewhat more hooked on this year... I can read him like a book. I am usually the addictive person, but never for AI - unless I can do it on my OWN time. 

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #87:
1) Do you watch American Idol or have ever heard of it?
2) If you follow it, who would you vote for out of these three? If you don't know about this show, then are you hooked on any TV shows  right now?

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  1. I've watched it a couple of times this season and have followed on and off online.

    I really haven't watched enough to have an opinion on any of the final three. At the moment there are none of the shows that have me hooked.

  2. We have followed AI over the years, especially this year and last. I thought I wouldn't like it as much since Simon and Paula left, but I do. I like it a lot with Steve Tyler and JLo.

    The three finalist have different singing styles. My two favorites are Phillip Phillips and Jessica Shanchez - both are excellent. I would definitely buy their CDs.

    Last night was the first time ALL season we voted. In fact, we haven't voted for a contestant in years from the show. We use to do this many moons ago when our DDs lived at home. Anyhow, DH, DS, & I all picked Jessica as our favorite to win. We each pulled out our cells casting the maximun number of votes each for this little darling. She's not only a talented young lady, but she is sweet as sugar. Good-luck, Jessica!!!

    It'll be interesting to see who takes the title tonight.

  3. I haven't follow it for quite a while now. By reading yours posts, I'm curious and probably will check out the previous episodes (if time permits) for more.

  4. Well, Amanda, I am not sorry that you came by. :) :)

    I haven't been watching this session but have watched many. My schedule is messed up and also we go to church on Wednesday nights so get home about 7:30 here.

    My two 'contest' shows are Dancing with the Stars and The Amazing Race.

    I will be back if I can get my Two Questions going. For sure it will be after lunch because I have a Dr. appt. this morning. He is going to cut a part of my ear off.

  5. 1. I have tried watching this show but never seems to find the time. I prefer the voice, but I don't get to see that often either.
    But I've been hearing alot about this idol from Louisiana and I would love to vote for him, but I'm sure that I'd have to get alarms to remind me to vote. I'm terrible.

    I'm hooked on Criminal Minds, but I think last night was the finale.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Sorry Amanda. Even though I do know about this show I never watch it. There's the X-Factor here but I never waste money to vote for anyone.

  7. How funny you ask this Amanda - I almost asked these very questions myself!

    For better or for worse, I've watched AI every season since 2. I have no idea who will win this year. I also don't know who I would vote for (as my favorite did not make it to the Top 3). I won't know until the finale performances who I will support.

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