Thursday Two Question #86 - Blogging and Food

This week we revisited Cathy Kennedy's Thursday Two Questions #18. She asked:
1) Do you have foods from your childhood that you hated, but now love?
2) How do you decide what to blog on each day?

Two of my top subjects to love! Blogging and food. But like everyone else, there are stuff that I hated when I was young, but now love, one of them being banana. I used to hurl every time mom made me eat bananas. I had to hurry up and shoved it down my throat in order to get through the torture. My mom even have a picture of me when I was about three or four years old with a mouth super full of banana, because I refused to chew and swallow that stuff. Now I love bananas, because I have to for the sake of my blood pressure. I am determined to be drug free soon, and on my way to achieving it.

I don't blog everyday anymore. It used to be based on what advertisers asked me to write, and that would determine my subjects. But I also chose my subjects based on what I love, and I do love many subjects. I have a passion for cooking gourmet, gardening, real estate, home decorating, remodeling, technology, etc, so any of these things would rock my boat, and I am happy with any as long as I have a topic in mind.
I am trying to stick to the "how" here Cathy. It's hard not to go off into another world of rant. :-)
"How" is sometimes determined by how many posts I have on the subject already. What day it is to link to memes, or subjects that I want to write about. If there are no special link days, I just write it, it doesn't have to be linked, or connected to anything, just as long as I haven't written the same subject yesterday. And that's pretty much sums up "how."

Just remember, you can access any of these past memes on Thursday Two Questions Details Page. Scroll down to the table to see all the links to the weekly meme, open the links for the linky tool to the participants links. Expanding on these questions, here are two new ones. You may answer any or all, it's up to you.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #86:
1) Do you like to cook?
2) In your household are you the chef? If not who is? 
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  1. Interesting! I have hated bananas too growing up! Except I can safely say that I still don't like them. :)

  2. I used to hate squid in its ink, but lately I saw on the food channel that people bought squid ink to cook..

    1) I am the cook in the house, and I tend to go for easy and quick recipe.

    2) When my oldest was home, he was the chef, and I'm the sous chef.

  3. My husband can grill but not cook so if we eat home cooked food it is up to me or one of my children. They invite us over from time to time.

    I enjoy cooking but do not always have the time.

  4. I like cooking.
    Am the co-chef at home as hb also cooks. we take turns.

  5. i love to cook and i am the chef in my household!

  6. I like to cook most of the time but on weekends I usually take a break and we eat out or get take out.
    I am the chef in our household. My hubby can cook but since he works full time and I don't I take care of all household duties.

  7. Cooking is one of those creative outlets I enjoy because I don't have time to do crafts. Thanks for hosting! I love visiting you every week.

    Yesterday. Yesteryear. What I wouldn't give for one more yesterday again!

  8. 1) Oh you know who is the cook in my house already: it's me!

    2) I don't like to cook, but has to feed the family, so I must try to cook.

  9. 1) Do you have foods from your childhood that you hated, but now love?

    I honestly can't remember. I'm thinking it was some sort of porridge, but then if you didn't eat it, you'd suffer, starving for a long time.

    2) How do you decide what to blog on each day?

    I have memes that I do for certain days so I keep up with those and for other stuff I just share whenever I feel like it.

    1) Do you like to cook?
    Before I had kids I used to love it. Two years after marriage and kids, I still did. But because I have to do it everyday, all day, or three times and more a day, I find it to be a chore now.

    2) In your household are you the chef? If not who is?
    I am the only chef.
    I hope my kids will help later on.

    Happy Thursday!

  10. Good post, good questions. :)
    I couldn't eat spinach when I was at home. Then one day I tasted some cooked with bacon and a lot and it was really good. Now I eat spinach of all sort.
    Same start with oatmeal, it made me gag. It still does, that and cream of wheat. But I do like grits that I didn't eat either until I moved to Texas.
    And I don't blog every day now but I still spend too much time doing it.

    1) Do you like to cook? I like to cook. My specialty is home made pizza, crust and all. People ask me to make it because they like it so much. I make really good sandwiches too. Just search my blog for food, etc, and see what all I do.
    2) In your household are you the chef? If not who is? Mrs. Jim and I share the cooking duties. I make the fast food type stuff and she does the gourmet and spiffy deserts. We are not starving for sure.
    Jim's Little Blog; Thursday Two Questions (posts)

  11. 1) Do you have foods from your childhood that you hated, but now love? I never liked carrots when I was younger, but now that I am older and have read the many benefits and good stuff about carrots, I eat it all the time !

    2) How do you decide what to blog on each day? Random things I see and sometimes I get ideas from other bloggers. I am fortunate that our blog is being run by different people, that means more ideas coming in.


  12. Great questions - although it somehow feels like 4 this week - lol!
    Tackling Cathy's questions:

    1) HATED salad as a child. Now I like it - WITH the right veggies AND the right dressing! (highly discriminating palate - lol!)

    2) I have a core set of memes and topics that I blog around and then I add/subtract from my list as time and energy permit! I have MANY more things that I want to write about than I EVER have time and energy to do! Part of the challenge of being a creative blogger is that it takes a lot of time behind the scenes to create the things you want to blog about... But, I feel very confined when I get tied down to any one thing, so I like having a smorgasbord of options to choose from! :-)

    Not sure if we're connected on Google Plus. My ID is below. If you haven't already done so, can you please follow me so that I can follow you back? My account is highly persnickity and it seems easier for me to follow people back than to try to follow them (I believe because it's a page!)

    Thanks and have a great weekend! :-)

    Create With Joy

  13. I will answer the first question.

    Foods and drinks I did not like the thought of when I was younger was hot unsweetened tea, zucchini, skim milk, blueberries, clams, and brown rice - all things that I eat today.

    On the reverse, I ate mushrooms and sardines with mustard when I was younger, but now I can't stand them.

    Im stopping by from Friendship Friday.

    Have a great weekend!

    Yona from Yona Writes

  14. New follower.. What a fun hop! Love for you to add it in my directory
    http://thebloglogdirectory.blogspot.com/p/thursday.html I am putting together.

    1. I now like tuna casserole and meatloaf. Hated it when I was a kid.
    2. I try to rotate my posts between education, fitness, and product reviews. SO yes, I have it planned.

    THanks for hosting. Love for you to follow back! I have to put the kids to bed then I will come and meet some more friends. Thanks!
    julie@ naptime



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