Flying Private Jets with Talon

 I know people that would pay almost anything to avoid traveling commercial. For those people, life just got better with Private Jet Membership; so read on. If you have traveled in private jets before, you know about the luxurious seating inside their cabins. Private flying is now within reach with Talon Air Jets. They offer service, quality and safety beyond your standard commercial flights.
It used to be that in order for individuals and businesses to fly private jets, the only way was to purchase the aircraft. The purchase would come with a five-year commitment or owner-liability associated with fractional private aircraft ownership. The owner though would rarely use the plane, and would also have to fly with different pilots on every trip. And because of the cost there were not many individuals or businesses that could afford to or wanted to own a private jet.

In 2001, Mr. Katz, Talon Air Jets owner, recognized the struggles of private jet business and started offering his own principles and convenience to market his private jet business. He made it more affordable, safe, better quality and service for individuals and businesses to fly with Talon Air Jets.
If you travel a lot, or own a business and are looking into private jet flying, it might be worth while to invest in a Talon Air Skycard. The card works like a prepaid card that allows you to deduct the cost of your flights as you go. It makes a lot of sense, don’t you think?
It is like having a membership that will ensure a spot or the availability on the flight when you need to fly and you will never be treated second class again. It is also a privilege for users of the card to choose a specific private aircraft, one that has your personalized options. All this and more through access of over 2,000 ARG/US rated aircraft globally with minimum three hours’ notice.

Are you happy traveling with commerical Airlines? Have they ever lost your luggage? Did you ever pay premium to be treated by the flight attendants as if they were forced to give you a FREE seat? It should be easy, no fuss, after all if you are paying well, you should be treated well. Flying private is first class all the way, so don’t you want to know what it takes?
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  1. It would be wonderful to flight in a private jet with exceptional services. Commercial flights now are hassles and with very poor customer services.

    1. I think if finance would allow it, this would fall into the seafood category for me!

  2. Well they are coming out with the flying car....:)

    But not sure I could afford this.

    1. I can't wait to see it and how much it would cost. As is the electric car isn't what you called affordable either.


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