Kids' Birthday Party Menu

When it comes to throwing a party, I think of easy food and quick bites. This seemed to be the case with my relatives and my family when we have gatherings. We don't eat as much as we visit and converse.

But this isn't so much the case and appetite of the kids and their parents at Trinity's last birthday party. Most of the food that were consumed were not of the appetizer category but more in the real food groups.

One of my friends recently had a party for her daughter. The birthday party menu was what I would see served at and adult party, yet everything was consumable by a kid. The dishes I thought were very popular were the fried rice and the meatballs. This leads me to think that parents are more conscientious about feeding their kids real food, healthy food and not go for the pizzas or hot dogs anymore - and the kids actually like them better too. So if I was to plan another Birthday Party for Trinity again, I would make sure to have more comfort foods and the real deal birthday party menu.

What about you? Do you prepare a birthday party menu with real food, or do you prepare party trays with the typical cheese, veggies, and meat plates?

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  1. I have no preferences, and I will taste a bit of what offered! I think appetizers are more fun when it comes to party though..

  2. I love easy foods, as I can not stand long on my feet these days! For party, appetizers type of foods are great idea.

  3. You know, I think that is an absolutely FABULOUS kid's party menu and I respect and give major kudos to the mom who put it together. More and more moms are opting for healthy and those who aren't probably will soon enough! Or so I hope.

    Everything looks absolutely amazing!! :)

  4. I do use real food for our little parties with the kids. If I was inviting strangers and school friends etc. I'd want to do the very same thing, but other people's kids are so finicky it seems.

    But yes I do and I LOVE the idea that others do too.


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