Red Wine Flowers

The name of the flower sounds good, yes? I don't know the real name and neither does my brother. He is the owner of these lovely red buds, bursting with color and brightness. We came for a visit recently and were lucky enough to catch these beauties making entrances along the corners of his patio. We came for one of his electronic yamaha keyboards that he no longer uses, and is hoping that miss T will take a liking to music and the keyboard. Although we haven't pulled it out since them. I think it is a lot more complicated than we thought and will need to have someone guide us with instructions.

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    1. What beautiful flowers! They look very familiar but I'm not sure of the name either. I hope you get the keyboard working soon.

    2. I know them. I can't remember their name, but back in South America, we used to pull out the stamen and lick off the sweet juice on the inside. They're beautiful at this time of year. I can't wait to get to California!

    3. Wow..that's a deep red color, and such beautiful small flowers in a bunch!

    4. These are a beauty!

      I hope little miss will take to wanting to play with the keyboard as soon as you unwrap it.

    5. our flowers almost look the same. love the deep red color.

    6. Hi!
      I think it is called Peregrina flowers! So pretty!

    7. What a beautiful flower. It resembles a potted plant that is located in Sweden "Ixia". I wish you a nice sunday! Zinnias

    8. Beautiful flowers.

      Regards and best wishes


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