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Creative Uses of Bunk Beds

bunk beds mahogany Growing up in a big family has its advantages. For one, as one of seven girls, I get a lot of hand me downs. I loved them, I couldn’t wait to get some of the hand me downs. When the moments came, it was like getting an award from your older sisters. An award ceremony that said “I now crown you as the owner of a blouse that has rightfully earned the war stains from all your other older sisters.” And that moment, imagine me with the biggest and proudest smiles ever.

Now that I can officially say I am finally on my own - with my immediate family only. Eight months and counting. Sometimes I feel the need to be surrounded by a lot of people and the need for the crowded feeling again.
My master bedroom seemed really huge to me at times. The happiest moments in this room have to be when we have our family movie nights. My three kids, SO and myself all hang out in the same room with popcorn in attempts to watch a movie we all love. At one point, we even thought if we could have a couple of bunk beds instead would be so awesome. As most times the kids never can stay awake throughout a movie. There is something about being in the same room with a lot of people that makes us all feel very sleepy.

Another thought was to make the spare bedroom into a movie theatre room with bunk beds. I wouldn’t have to wake them up when we have movie nights, they would all be in their own beds already and can just fall asleep in the same spot. Wouldn’t that be so cool?

It would also be great for sleep overs as most of the time the kids have to sleep on the floors, there is no extra bed for that matter for them to sleep on. My family has a love for bunk beds and have a hard time of letting them go. Even now that the boys are older and they hardly fit in them, they still prefer to sleep in the same room. Mind you, the boys each have a room of their own.

Image credit: bunkbeds.net
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  1. In the orphanage. We only had bunkbeds. I loved the top ones.

    And I was thinking that if we had more children, we'd need to get bunkbeds. I actually suggested it first.

    1. I think they are great for small places and they do foster sharing among the kids.

  2. I do not know if I am lucky because I was the only girl in the family, thus never had a hand-me-down dress. However, I did want hand-me downs, so I would wear my older brother's shirts, and oftentimes, people would mistook me for being a tomboy :) Bunk beds give me beautiful memories because I came from a big family too, though my parents had a hard time convincing me before to sleep in my own room and I hated it since I was all alone in the room :( whereas my brothers have each other and they have fun sleeping in bunk bed :)

    1. Being the only girl is tough. I love have brothers and sister, unlike you, I kept wishing for my own stuff or being on my own all the time.

  3. Yes! Bunk beds are a must for big families. I've never had one though. My brothers were way older than me.
    Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself, otherwise I wouldn't have know how to find you, and I'm now following your site. Hope you'll do likewise ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. While turning my daughter's room into my littlest's room, I have the thought of getting a bunk bed for him so when he has friend over, they can share..It's a great idea you have there for family movie nights room!

  5. SO fun. WE'll be looking into bunk beds for the boys real soon

  6. My youngest daughter is just like you. I always think she's a bit strange because she loves the hand-me-downs from her older sister. Most kids I know complain about getting hand-me-downs. Mo (my youngest) has even asked her sister if she can have certain items when she's finished wearing them. How sweet is that?

  7. My son had bunk beds and we were always having sleepovers. In fact, there were more kids sleeping on the floor than in the beds. They preferred it that way as they considered it 'camping'. They all brought a pillow and a sleeping blanket. Happy days!

  8. I loved bunk beds, love sharing my room, and my stuff with my sister. My mom hated it, because her sisters always took and ruined all the good stuff!

    Hey Stopping by/following from WW!


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