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I don't have photos yet, but I am very excited today to take Trinity to her first official swimming lessons. We have always used Avac for the boys since they were toddlers. It is a huge indoor pool divided into sections for kids of all age groups and levels. They have many shallow areas for toddlers and beginners. The boys both learned to swim here and went through all their classes.

This past summer, we tried a semi private lesson at a residential school for Trinity and it back-fired. The school is quite popular and were booked through the day. They might even used pentair pool pump, and or accessories, which I was told was one of the best in the pool supply industry.

We thought it would be nice for her to double-up with her nephew, Christopher and have more time with the teacher. Unfortunately the first time did not go well. The instructor turned her back on Trinity and Trinity must have slipped off the stairs into a deeper area. She was almost drowning! Thankfully Chris's mother saw poor Trinity trying to gasp for air and called out to the teacher.

Needless to say, I took Trinity out of the environment immediately. I won't be surprised today about her reaction, given she did not have a good first time, but I am praying that she will totally forget about the incident one she sees how the other kids are having fun!

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  1. That was a scary first swimming experience. Hopefully she will forget that experience and start to enjoy her swimming lessons.

  2. New follower from Whimsical Wednesday.

    Thanks for sharing this story - this blog is full of good stuff and I will be back!




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