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As we entered the New Year, my goals are clear and optimistic. There are opportunities to make a living if you have the desire to go after it. One of those opportunities that many have misinterpreted is the modeling career. Have you ever been told, or turned-off about modeling because you are not six feet tall and skinny as a rail? Have your children ever expressed the desire to be a model, but don't know how to get started?

Kaback Models Management is looking for people like you who has The IT Factor. What is The IT Factor?  According to Philadelphia Kaback Model Management (KMM), it's simply anyone who has the dream to appear in commercial / print, or film work. Kaback Models is run by Alycia Kaback and former Vogue Art Director Ryan Colby, who also runs a sister company Colby Models, which is the runway division. Kaback Model Management (KMM) is based in New York City and Philadelphia.

I met a teenager a few years back who had steady modeling work. She mostly appeared for live events held by clients of the modeling agency. It seemed that things were going well for about six months, until one day she went to pick-up her paycheck. The agency went out of business. No trace of a forwarding address, or a phone number.
Alycia Kaback’s Model Management is a reputable modeling agency. They are in the business of hiring real people who comes in different shapes and sizes and different age groups.

If you’re looking to get into a  modeling career, click on over to Kaback Model Management, a highly connected commercial management company. See if you have The IT Factor- even if you’re not six feet and skinny as a rail.

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  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by. I love this look of your blog a lot! Cheers!

  2. I wish I had this information or know where to look for a reputable and reliable agency when my oldest was into it.

  3. I wanted to model when I was a teen. This information would have been great then.

    I'm glad it's here now and others can use it.


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