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It has come to the day that I can no longer resist QuickBooks. For years I have heard many of my colleagues using and living with QuickBooks. They all said very good things about it. But like a creature of habits, I figured it was a software that would require more maintenance and time to use. So I stuck with Microsoft Excel and a calculator, but the last couple of years have been really difficult to keep all the accounts in line. I need some organization and pre-populated information, which I was told would save me a lot of time when doing my taxes.

This year I have QuickBooks and quickbooks courses on my Christmas list. I am hoping that I can get the software, get to know it and learn quickbooks online quickly before income tax time. I am anxious to figure out a way to reduce work in my life and have more automated information from having QuickBooks. I think for most of my colleagues, QuickBooks has become a part of their lives and it is obvious that they are very happy with it. I am just hoping that I too can become a QuickBooks user by the time I am done with the course.

I am all for easier and lighter living, less paperwork and more effective ways of using our space. As we are speaking, I am making a running list of all the paperwork that is so in need of tossing. However, you know how cleaning and organizing requires, a lot of time. Time to go through all the stuff we are not using anymore and purging them without mercy. Otherwise, I will probably be buried in it before too long. It is easy to see that we are running out of just junk storage space.

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  1. I am planning to take up quickbooks training online. How long it'll take to learn the things on quickbooks? Please let me know. Thanks


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