Find the Best Interest Rate For Your Savings

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In the good old days if there was any money left for savings, it went under the mattress, or in coffee can! This method had been in practice for many generations, and probably is still a common way to save. However, due to its popularity and insecurity, we have learned to take another approach to save our money.

Financial institutes grow across the country, and offer many beneficial options. We can now earn interest on the money that we put away, which only means more money in our pocket, though it is not much, but some!

Banking also provides a safety reason to keep our investment, and with FDIC insured, we know that our account is in good hands. We would not lose that portion of our savings should something happens to the bank.

On top of the reasons above, we have the freedom to find the best or highest savings rates yield to maximize our potential. Many of us save for different reasons, such as college fund for our children, retirement fund, vacation fund, or wedding expenses fund.

Whatever the goal of our savings is, having the highest interest rate is the smartest choice to seek after! Who wouldn't like to earn a bit extra here and there?

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  1. With how some of these financial institutions are rolling, soon more people will go back to jars.

    But until then we are loving USAA.

  2. I agree completely on searching for the highest interest rate!


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