Cleaning? Call 1-800-Got-Junk

I often forget what we did the month before, let alone this past summer. That means I have also forgotten that I wanted to take time off to relax and enjoy my family. After spending all of June and July hauling, cleaning and scrubbing a house. I was looking forward to breathing normally and not rushing around everyday. Yet, I can't resist taking on new projects when SO forgets to remind me.

The house we were working on has never had a spring cleaning in 13 years.  It was fully furnished and over the years had accumulated so many things. It is still surprising to me how much can fit into a three bedroom home. I wished I had known about Katy Junk removal from the beginning.

Everyday for two months I started my days as if I am going to work. I fed Miss Trinity, packed our lunches, then head on over to the house to clean, scrub and try to get rid of stuff. The first few weeks were difficult as we did not have a system in place. All the big stuff was obvious, but there were so many little things that needed to be organized.

Things started looking better after the third week when 80% of the items organized. We were ready to execute the master plan. I went on the 1-800-GotJunk.com website and looked at their list of removable items and was pleased to see that they haul away appliances, furniture, TV, monitor, old printers, and even carpet. It was easy to book an appointment with 1-800-Got-Junk.com. When the crew came out all I had to do was point to the items that I wanted them to haul away and I was free from those junk - forever.
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  1. Breathing normally and not rushing? Sounds like heaven. lol


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