Stand Up Comedy For Family Night

This post brought to you by American Family Insurance.  All opinions are 100% mine.

If you like stand up comedy, you should check out this new series call Stand Up For Family. These short videos are made by AmFam, and brought to you by American Family Insurance. The shows are entertaining, no foul language, and indecent exposure. I'm sure you and your family will enjoy them, without having to cover the kids' eyes or ears.

Although I don't watch television that often, I realize that there are many reality shows out there, where very much nothing is hold back, but people love them. I feel bad for future generations where quality family shows are in distinction, and list in dinosaur age.

Stand Up For Family videos are geared toward family stories and childhood memories. It was not long ago when I went out to play with neighborhood kids without a hair of worry. Things were much simpler and family time in front of television was a joy we all shared.

It is extremely challenging nowadays to find a decent show that fits different generation gap in my family to gather for an evening of togetherness. I am happy that shows like Stand Up For Family are being air to bring back those good old times for just fun and laughter.

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  1. i do not watch a lot of TV too and oftentimes find myself naive when people talk about shows, but i have seen stand up for family :) and yes, they are very entertaining.

  2. Television shows are so bad nowadays, so a great clean one is so very welcomed and needed.

  3. It is a challenge to find safe family viewing. I am glad someone is listening to our requests.


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