Oil Drill Fascination

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Driving through the country side some time I saw oil was being drilled in the field, and always fascinated by the whole process. I watched the smoke coming through, and wondered how deep the hole had to be in order to reach the oil beneath the earth. Then, I questioned on how much oil would be needed, and what had to be done before one can use it.

Moreover, did the owner buy Used Oilfield Equipment, did he need a permit to operate this endeavor, and how did he know where to drill the oil? I could carry on with many questions for a while until I see something else that interested me. You know, it usually was one of those moments when a certain thing strike and you were thirst for knowledge. I guess in a way it is good for the brain to be curious.

My behavior reminded me of my children when they would question everything they see, taste, or hear. The what, why, how, when, who, where are always the best way to learn about the world around us. Maybe one of these days, I will have enough time to do a research, read all about oil drilling, and satisfy my own questions.

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  1. Haha..we must have the same parents! I do have these questions too.

  2. I love impromptu learning!

    Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading your great posts. ~ Ellen

  3. I am always curious. It is quite satisfying when we get to find out the answers. lol


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