Money Saving Zenni Optical EyeGlasses

    Doesn’t it seem that products cost less now then let’s say in the 1980’s and 1990’s? Ever since the dot com explosion, consumers have more choices. We have choices of shops, brands, delivery, products, and services.  We don’t even have to go into a store anymore. Buying can be easily done by a click of an electronic mouse.

    One of the biggest advantages to online buying is the ability to save so much money. Money you would have thrown out. I have always trusted and purchased from my optometrist, but I have learned how to save money on eyeglass wear. Have you ever wonder how much mark-up is in a product when you go to a brick and mortar store? eyeglasses that you purchase in an optometrist office could be hundreds of dollars, where does most of that money go? Into the pockets of the owners, not on your eyeglass frames.

Zenni Rimless Eyeglasses
For years now, I have had my eyeglass prescriptions fill online. I can buy cheap eyeglasses at Zenni Optical, and don't have to look like the grandma. I don't have to cringe when I see the price of the frames, but  just focus on choosing the eyeglasses that looks best on me. Because Zenni Optical is so reasonable you don’t have to worry about picking out something that you will have to put back because of the price. You know what I mean, sometimes shopping is such a big chore to me because what ever I pick is out of my range!

I am really glad for Zenni Optical, it is one of the best way to buy cheap eyeglasses. Now that I save so much money between my son and I we normally treat ourselves to a great lunch at one of our favorite places.
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  1. I wish I could do this online. I tried once but they didn't have my lens. The frame yes, but they couldn't do my lens because of the thickness.

    Great choice for others though.


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