Just Deposit My Checks!

I stopped going inside the banks. It used to be great going to my favorite bank at least once a week. I knew all the clerk there and had developed a relationship with them. They knew me by my first name and they knew my accounts. They even got to know my schedule and when they could expect to see me. 

After the mergers took place, the clerks were relocated or terminated. I missed all the wonderful help, and the bank that was so conveniently close by. Instead of that warm and friendly feeling, now, I go in to be questioned. It wasn't even because I wanted to take money out, I only wanted to put money into their branch!

The clerks acted like they had never seen more than one check before. With T at the time being three, I could only spare a few minutes here and there. It usually turned into a 15 minutes ordeal, and me getting so upset with them for scrutinizing the checks and the bank routing numbers. They asked me all kinds of questions about the deposited checks, and stared at it as if it's their first day on the job. It was really irritating. One day I got fed up with the questions and the slowness, I asked for all my checks back. I took my checks and went outside to the ATM, deposited the checks within two minutes. I vouched to never go inside the banks again unless I absolutely had to.

I am glad I don't have to put up with the scrutinizing clerks anymore, I am doing a lot of my banking online, paying bills, deposits made through ATMs, or I just send in my checks. Bill paying doesn't require checks anymore, I can do all the bill pays online, it keeps the record and I always have access to them. I really love Aurora bank because I don't have to deal with another incompetent clerk again. I know, it's not nice, but when people waste my time unnecessarily, I can't be that forgiving.

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  1. You poor girl. I have nightmare stories to tell you about banks too. I hate the way they merged and became a monster. I closed my account and am happy with the one I am now at.

  2. i stopped going into banks too, i do everything electronically now, convenience of life :)

  3. I don't have to visit the bank often but when I do it's relatively pleasant. Fortunately our small town bank still has tellers who make an effort to be polite to customers.

  4. I barely go to the bank anymore either, and sorry for the trouble you had to go through.

  5. I feel your pain, sister! These days I prefer to do my banking online.

    Have a nice day!

  6. Ugh, what a pain! I miss my small town bank, now that we've moved to a larger city it's just such a hassle - I am the same way, avoiding going in if I don't have to!

    Following you from Friendly Friday!

  7. It's sad how they chase the customers away, not realizing that the customers own the bank.

    Glad you found a better way to do your banking.

  8. I hate our mergers too. Nowadays they practically make you do everything at the machine. If you go in to ask for change they never have any and look at you like you're wasting their time.
    If banks don't have change, who does? I need change for kids' lunch moneys, payment for work they do etc. Banks aren't about service these days. They are about making money.


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