Understanding Menopause

The Symtoms of Menopause
Recently, I caught a show called The New Adventure of Old Christine starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you know, the actress on Jerry Seinfeld show, Christine, when she was experiencing menopause symptoms. She had hot flashes, mood changes and just acting strangely. I was totally mesmerized by her performance even though it was hilarious. That is because I can relate to how she felt.

Not long ago, my body went through this transition, where I would wake up in the middle of a freezing winter night sweat profusely, or turned off the heat for I was burning hot while others in the family shook like leaves! This was the hardest period of time in my life to deal with, and the difficulty was not only to myself, but to others around me as well!

I get irritated easily, and didn't know what to expect or how to deal with the sudden hot and cold symptoms back then. Now, the internet is a great way to learn and gets help on any subject under the sun. Got menopause is a great website to check out if you are currently experiencing changes in your body. Understanding what happening to your body will ease some frustrations or at least know what to expect.

What to Do About Menopause
Knowledge is power! However, seeing your family doctor is a plus since only your physician can suggest the best way for you to handle this change. Whether you have to take supplements or other kind of hormones therapy, your doctor knows best. He/she can work closely with you to find what works or what not to keep you comfortable.

Good news though, for the most part menopause wasn't all that bad once you know what you are going through, and learn how to deal with it. For example, my doctor suggested the hormones replacement, but I chose to go with natural remedies by eating healthy foods, take vitamins D, and calcium supplements on a daily basis.

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  1. Great post Amanda. I went through it five years ago. The hot flashes were annoying, the erratic periods were a pain and the mood swings terrible. The good new is, once your period has stopped everything just becomes so mellow that you almost forget what the menopause was like. It only gets better.

  2. I have found some secret tricks to deal with menopause. :-)

  3. @Poetic Shutterbug I am looking forward to the no periods but not towards another birthday..yuk

  4. @?~Judy~?I didn't think we have much choices as what works for one person unfortunately might not work for others.

  5. Now I must ask how old are you?

    But I love finding information to share with my mom about menopause.

    I hope by then I'll remember what to expect.


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