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As my mom gets older, her agility is not what it used to be and her memory is slipping. She is getting more forgetful everyday, like locking herself out of the house, and not being able to recall where she puts things, which we all have been victims at time. But, what I worry most about is the "I fall down and can't get up" dilemma, and that she can't get to the phone to call for help.

We decided to get her a TracFone because there is no contract to sign, no termination fee, and no credit check. She only needs a simple phone for making emergency calls. Additionally, Tracfone offers the the Senior Value, which we thought was an excellent choice for her. It comes with extra large numbers so she could see clearly.

We started mom on a TracFone minimum plan of 50 minutes for $10 dollars a month, and if she ever needs more air time, anyone in the family can refill her cell phone on her behalf from thousands of retail stores across the country.

Since mom often visits her children in different cities, the Get into Everywhereness is also a plus. We can all keep in-touch with exceptional connection wherever she might be. For now, she is trying to get accustomed to carrying the cell phone in her pocket for safety precaustions, and to call for help when needed.

Watch a short testimonial below from a TracFone customer:

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  1. Mom is getting used to the cell phone..She made calls often with it!

    1. I couldnt believe it when you told me. I am so happy for her and for all of us! Thanks for getting mom set up on the phone.

  2. The TracFone sounds great. It is important that your mom will be able to get in touch with someone in case something happens. My mom is 84 years old and is managing okay for her age. She lives with me but when I am not with her I always make sure she has a cellphone.

  3. My dad has one of these. He's a senior citizen who lives alone and we have him keep it in his pocket.

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.

  4. i wrote for tracfone before and i'm considering to switch

    im making a quick visit from Alexa hop.


  5. That's a great idea, Amanda. I'm not quite ready for one yet...I have to have my Android with its Facebook access, navigation, etc.

  6. I had a trafone for two years and loved it. They have better reception than many other cells too.

  7. If your mom is over 65 she could have gotten her trac phone from the safelink wireless program they run with the feds. Free phone and 200 free minutes each month.

  8. Yes, no senior should be without a senior value cell phone from Tracfone, the Samsung T155G is the cheapest phone for seniors on the market and you only pay $7/month for service which is affordable for a lot of seniors. All seniors should carry emergency cell phones,it can save your life.

  9. The SVC plan is the best value plan that you can get, even if you are like me and not a senior. For $20 I get 3 months of service and 60 minutes. I only keep the phone for emergencies and this was by far the best deal that I have come across

  10. I am a senior and thank goodness for my Tracfone SVC. I broke down one night with a blowout on a quiet country road and because I could use my SVC help was with me in just a few minutes and I was safe. Everyone should carry a cellphone with them in their glove compartment

  11. Must agree with some of you. The senior value cellphone isn't something super flashy or ultra awesome.. but it doesnt the perfect trick for my father. He has a phone that he knows HOW TO WORK and it is very compatiable to all his needs. Plus... the cost couldn't be better.


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