A Watch for Everyday?

Have you ever noticed? A man can have as many shoes as they do watches. Each watch should match with the shoes and the outfit he is wearing. Seriously, men usually don’t have too many accessories on so what they do have on should at least flow well together.
Maybe I am just trying to convince myself, but as I said, I have a hard time finding gifts for SO. Yes, I am guilty of taking the easy way out, I had thought about another watch for him. Although I did tell him that the very last watch I bought for him should equal to 10 years of birthdays and Xmases. And I promised not to be looking at another Mens Watch. But I can’t help admiring some of the finest watches on kenmarwatches.com website. I would love to own a collection just for the pride of having something so precious.

I think men can afford to have more than a couple of watches for variety, don’t you? Although we both don't believe in over owning something...a couple of very special pieces are our guide. Come to think of it, I don’t even own a watch right now. So if anyone is going to be next in line for a watch it should be me.

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  1. My husband has 2 watches, one of which he got as a present on a conference. I don't think he's ever considered matching watches with his clothes. He never wears any jewellery. I can't even get him to wear a chain.

    He's not a very fashion conscious guy. He dresses well, but not out of style. :-)

  2. I don't have a working watch, either and my husband doesn't wear one anymore. I mean, you have your phone in your pocket or purse and it has the time so why wear a watch? Okay...they do look sharp and all business-like. I do like them for that, but otherwise I'm happy to using my phone to see what time it is. =D

  3. My husband doesn't wear a watch, but then I don't either. I thing watches do pull an outfit together. For a man in a suit they are a must.


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