Extra Eyeglasses Made Possible at Zenni Optical

Rimless EyeGlasses Male  “I am so glad to have an extra pair of eyeglasses,  mom. Thank you!”
When Matthew said that this morning as he rushed off into the school parking lot, I felt a sense of relief. It is one thing to try to be a good mother, but it is not easy to predict how your decisions will work out for someone.

His affirmation lets me know that I have done the right thing. The process of getting an extra pair of eyeglasses for Matthew was so easy that I should have done it a long time ago. For someone who wears glasses every minute of every day, his deserving eyes need an extra pair for spare use. It used to be that one pair of eyeglasses was all that one could afford, and it was because eyeglasses cost so much. I am so glad for Zenni Optical, it helps me add comfort to my children’s life with little efforts.

All we needed was his papillary distance measurement, and his prescription to process the order. He now has a spare in case something should happen to his first pair. The new option will allow him to change things out a bit.

Matthew is a very simple guy. It was a little challenging to convince him to get an extra pair of eyeglasses. But, believe it or not, the reasonable price helped him decided quickly. When he found out that a second pair of eyeglasses would not put a burden on me financially, he agreed. Even though he hasn’t always been the easiest kid to raise. He is very thoughtful and loving. I love that he is starting to care about how he looks, but mostly I am happy to know that this second pair is comfortable. The eyeglasses are light weight and most of the time he would forget that he even have eyeglasses on.
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  1. i need an extra pair of eye glasses too, somehow, I kept losing my old ones :( and at school, my eyes suffer a bit :(

  2. An extra pair to have always comes in handy for JoJo too, and I didn't break my saving to get it.

  3. That's a great idea for those who wear glasses. I don't have prescription lens but I am always losing my sunglasses.


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