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Pink Nissan car MicraI always thought Nissans owners are very wise. Nissan automobiles are reliable and have very low maintenance requirements. My sister bought her second Nissan last year. And since her Birthday is coming up, I am thinking about getting her a set of nissan cube custom floor mats.

Or something fun for her car like a custom made sunshade.
There is so much to love about her car. It is really good on gas and drives well. I have to say, her Nissan Altima is practical and great for the conservative. She loves it. I think she made a wise choice. But I wish she had bought one of these pink Nissans. I am sure she too wished that we have these stylish pink Nissans in the US. I would love to own one. They look so cute!

pink Nissan carThanks for stopping by today.
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  1. Wow, I love these pink cars. I love the first best, Happy pink Saturday

  2. I LOVED the cube!! I wanted it so bad but my girls talked my husband out of it...
    Anyway, if those pink cars were available here I wouldn't care what ANYONE said, I would definitely drive one home!
    Too cute..thanks for sharing!

  3. They really are cute, those pink Nissans...but I think you have a pretty nice car yourself, Amanda!!!

  4. Oh that is a cute pink car! Very stylish and sporty looking..

  5. This one looks cute! :D Small cars are a fashion in India now a days. Or say a 'necessity'.

  6. Haven't seen a pink car since VW made a pink convertible. The Nissan is pretty spiffy, and I'm thinking pink would get a lot of attention!
    Thanks for popping in Thursday. Do come again.

  7. Oh my gosh, at first sight, I thought that was a Volkswagen Beetle - cool looking car. Good luck finding pink floor mats!!

  8. OMG! I totally love this car. How cute :)

  9. I'd love to sport one of those!! So cute.

  10. that is such a pretty and cute car, would surely be a head turner on the road.

  11. Love the pink color! And I love my Nissan Rogue.

  12. I love the pink and I bet it is just awesome on gas but where would I put the furniture I buy at thrift stores?


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