Finding a Home in Colorado

Relocating is a tough decision, but it helps if the place you are moving to is Colorado. Of all the top cites in Colorado, Fort Collins is one of the best places to live, work and raise a family. The population in Fort Collins is about 125,000 and growing rapidly. The new residents are mainly relocating from places like California!

 Fort Collins Real Estate is affordable, with average home prices in the $200,000. Not to mention, the city has great schools. It is considered low-stress, and has a vibrant job market. Fort Collins is the nature lover's paradise with 800 acres of parks and natural areas, which totals over 36,000 acres. There is a lot of hiking trails and are maintained year-round. 

Many Californians relocated to Colorado for the reasons of lower cost of living, slower pace and higher quality of education. In terms of weather, Fort Collins is fairly good year round with occasional thunder storms, mild winters and comfortable summers. The humidity is low and not too dry. 

When one thinks of Colorado, they think of skiing and lots of snow. However, it isn’t short of other things to do, which is why Colorado is so attractive to re-locators. According to the forums Colorado has the higher quality of life and friendlier neighbors. The school system is much more advanced and the community is cohesive. Some people gave it a nine out of ten and called it magical, for the weather could be 86 degrees on Saturday and snowing on Sunday. Colorado is said to be most consistent with the comments and reviews throughout the internet regarding its lifestyle and affordable housing. 

Denver CO Real Estate is a bit higher than Fort Collins coming in at $260,00 per average home price compared to Fort Collins with the average price homes being $240,000. As with many cities, the prices vary quite a lot depending on the schools and the neighborhood. Denver has about 6100 homes for sale, but if we include the surrounding areas which has another 11,000 homes, there would be a total of over 17,00 home in the North Denver Metro area. With all those homes for sale, one wouldn’t have any problems picking out the house of their dreams, would they? 

Colorado in general is an outdoor haven. The tax rate is low, and has four seasons.
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  1. Colorado is a beautiful state indeed, and an outdoor heaven, lots of hiking trails and white water. But maybe too cold for me in the winter, though won't mind living there :)

  2. Amanda, are you thinking of moving. I do like Colorado myself though it's a bit too cold in the winter for me. I get tired of living and driving in snow. I spent about four years in the Boston area when I was in my 20's.

  3. Lovely pictures. I have always wanted to visit Colorado.

  4. Colorado has a lot to offer. It is an outdoors haven and Betchai you would love it.
    Carmen, I am always thinking of some place and somewhere to retire. The hardest part is where?
    Judy, me too. I can't imagine what photos I would come home with.


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