Hawaii, Are We There Yet?

couple riding horses on beachConversation with SO...
“Are we there yet?”
“Just a few more tasks before we can plan our vacation honey.”
“Alright, I can’t wait.”

Repeat. Repeat.

Three years later:
One thing about my SO is he is a great vacation planner, because he really plans. From the beginning to end with things to do in between, but that was before Trinity. Even with a tough fight, he too fell into the husband syndrome. I know he doesn’t want to be, because he called that the "deadly marriage disease." Now, we play the above lines over and again. It’s not his fault. Life gets in the way.

Flash back:
When we first dated, he planned many fabulous get-away. One of the most memorable vacations he planned was a trip to Hawaii. We took a few days off and flew to the beautiful Oahu, Hawaii while I was still in a class. We did my final paper between riding horses, kayaking, hiking, seeing shows, participating in the luaus, riding the waves, and lazing on the beach. One thing about youth, even with everything going on, we were much more daring. We were tempted recently with the swan beach nc information at deanagency. Our bags were almost packed, our minds were already on the plane, but our bodies still in the same place. Now, life gets in the way.

Day dreaming:
What a life. I have this crazy obsession. Thank god I can’t afford it, but everywhere I go and fell in love I would dream to own its real estate. For years after this wonderful trip, I looked into Hawaii real estate. I had never stopped dreaming about owning a piece of Hawaii paradise one day. Or maybe a second trip to re-live everything we had experienced the first time, but life gets in the way.


Another three years later:
“Are we there yet?”
“Just a few more tasks before we can plan our vacation, honey.”
“Alright, I can’t wait.”

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  1. hawaii sounds great..i must plan to get there too..

  2. Oh, Amanda, you make me laugh. Of course, things do change a bit when you have a child but you still have to make time for the two of you and fit in a nice vacation!!

  3. Haha..sounds like a conversation I had with myself, but mine was "wait until save up enough" for a trip.

    However, you did have a vacation or two out of it at least!

  4. Yes Life does get in the way!

    We went once. I'd love to go again to really have a vacation and not be just mommy maid to the kids.

    ...but life do get in the way.

    I hope soon you can go on a great vacation again.

    How long have you been married?

  5. having a second home for vacation is tough indeed, I also can't afford it, I prefer taking vacation instead since it will be different homes each vacation :)

  6. Hi just calling by whilst blog hopping. Now following. It is always good to have a goal in mind even if it seems impossible. That's how we make things come true, by imagining they will. Good luck. I know you will get there one day. Be sure to come by and say hi. http://www.acceptingandembracingautism.com/ Sarah

  7. What a sweet post. I enjoyed reading it. I loved the thoughts, dreams, and real life events all rolled into one.
    Great job! One of your best yet.

  8. I have planned many trips, but it seems the ones that I actually go on are the ones that I buy the plane tickets then plan later!

    Hope you get to Hawaii one of these days!

    I came via the Alexa Blog hop and will be liking your facebook page!

  9. This was a great post. I hope you get your vacation. I can't even get out of town. lol

  10. I think Hawaii is one of those special places where once you visit, you yearn to go back. We got to visit Oahu and the Big Island for 10 days last year, and I'm already dying to go back (see my Wordless Wednesday post today!).

    I hope you and your husband get the chance to go back too, hopefully for a longer visit!


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