Virginia Movers Brought Back Memories

black diamond earrings I never forget the day when my ESL teacher, the only one I thought ever took an interest in my learning said she was Moving To Virginia. I hardly spoke any English and was shy as a rabbit. My heart fell to my stomach. The class was quiet and the air was heavy. I thought come on, someone should say something. I wanted to say something, but was so lack in vocabulary that I couldn’t tell my teacher how miserable my life would be without her.

As she finally got around to saying her final goodbye to me, she told me how sorry she was that our meetings have come to an end. I don’t think she would believe me even if I told her how much her moving would hurt me. She was the only one that could understand me, even without me saying a word. She was a rare human being with much compassion for the weak. She was like the Black diamond earrings that I so admired from mom's jewelry box. 

Yes, I hardly spoke a word of English. I knew them, but putting them all into a conversation was a different story. I wanted to ask her how I could stay in touch. But then again, did she even want me to ever find her after today?

I listened tentatively to the last time she read to us. The smell of the book, as if she had keep it in the most sacred place just for this special hour and for her most special guests. The sudden occasional smiles as she glanced across the room at her students. Her calm and classy demeanor put me in a trance every time. My teacher was caring, she was special. She will soon be joined with her extended family.

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  1. Isn't that sad when we met someone special in the time of need they always just go away? I hope one day you will see her again..

  2. What a touching and lovely story. You brought back memories for me of how difficult it could be sometimes to be a child. I can certainly relate to your shyness.

  3. We do tend to attach to that one special person when we're vulnerable. I'm glad she left a pleasant memory in your life.

  4. It is so hard to lose a teacher or someone dear.

    It would be wonderful if you should meet again.

    How strong the memory as you write it I can picture.


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