Tankless Water Boilers Bosch Thermotechnology

Bosch Geo series high efficiency heat pumpsI love learning about new ways to live green. There are so many options for one to save and become more environmentally conscientious. Bosch Thermotechnology is now changing the face of geothermal in the United States. They have created products that are efficient and easy to understand. Hence, home and business owners will have a much better time in making the switch. Most of us have heard of tank-less water boilers / heaters. I for one have considered purchasing a tank-less water boiler last year. But I missed out on the opportunity and benefits due to lack of information. There are many benefits, but one obvious yet quite often overlooked benefit is the option of having endless hot water with the tank-less water boilers / heaters. When there is a full household, the option for endless hot water is very important. With the traditional water heater tanks all it takes is a couple of showers running, and someone doing the dishes at the same time and one person is bound to scream “no hot water.” Today I wanted to share other options homeowners or business owners can heat the water they use as well as how they can apply Geothermal Heating from Bosch Thermotech to their advantage. If you have a swimming pool, you know heating the pool could run up your electricity bills quite quickly. The small to medium Solar Thermal System is designed for uses with residential or apartment pool heating. It could save you hundreds of dollars. All you have to do to find out how much is by using the calculator provided on the Bosch Thermotechnology website to figure out your present cost and estimated future cost. Another way residential customers can save money on their electricity bills is by looking into Geothermal technology, which uses the Geothermal Heat Pumps to help in reducing your monthly utility bills. The Technology uses the relative constant temperature of the earth to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water. Watch the slide show above or visit the Bosch Thermotechnology website to learn more about this exciting technology. Enhancing and keeping up with your home is one thing, but don't forget to protect it as well. Security is important so look into home automation systems so that you don't ever have to react after the facts.
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  1. we considered having a tankless water heater too last year, but decided to wait when our heater needs repair, i do not know though which one would be more economical, because old heaters sure use up a lot of energy. but thanks for the reminder, will look into this again.

    PS....yeah, I am back blogging more regularly now, since I no longer have FB :) anyway, I enjoy blogging these days, it opens myself to different world and allows me to learn from different experiences and perspectives. thanks also for the comments. hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Aah..this would be nice to have one day soon when they're more affordable!

  3. @betchai Take a look at the website, you can view demos and learn about everything that a tank-less water heater offers. Good luck with your research.

    1. I seen you most of the post related to tank-less water, and I love the idea of Solar Thermal System its will reduce my electric bills and save energy to heat my swimming pools water.,thanks for information and Good to hear this.

  4. @Icy BC I think the idea is that it pays for itself eventually by saving with the monthly bills.

  5. We have been researching tankless water heaters for awhile and are now seriously thinking about buying one. We really like the environmentally friendly aspect.

  6. @SquirrelQueenI think if it fits with your home, it should be a great investment and you will probably love it.

  7. Yap I think its fit for your home and useful to.


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