Red Panties on Martini Glass

Do you agree that many women seem to lose themselves to family and responsibilities? It isn’t every day a woman pampers herself, or set aside time to do what she really enjoys.

One of my girlfriends recently had a baby and we suspect that she is going through postpartum depression. It is quite possible that she is also experiencing postpartum exhaustion, which is caused by sleep deprivation and hormonal changes in her body. Being a new mother isn’t easy. There are also anxieties that comes with expectations of how you might want to care for the baby.

I wanted to do something to help her through this tough time and had been thinking of ways to cheer her up. Then I saw this Martini Glass with the fun images of red panties. The glass also comes with a drink recipe underneath, and the light bulb finally came on.

Before baby she and I would meet once in a while at the mall, and her favorite thing to shop for was red lingerie. She has a fascination with the red shade, just like some women prefer red lipstick or red nail polish. It is a personal preference and something that is just for her to enjoy intimately and personally.

And so I do what I do best, I searched online, and was thrilled to find so many cute panties on sale at Wishabi.com. I am not saying this would cure her postpartum depression, but it is certainly worth a try. I am taking a chance and hoping with all the little things we are doing, she would soon snap out of the depression. If anything, it should bring a smile to her face and reminds her of other things she used to do that she truly enjoyed too.

Do you have a “comfort” purchase? Have you ever buy lingerie or undergarment as a treat for yourself? Thanks for stopping by today.
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  1. Purse is my "comfort" buy, and some time shoes". I do hope your friend gets out more to cheer herself up.

  2. That glass is so cute, it would make a great gift. My favorite comfort purchas is usually a handbag but if I really need a boost a little lingerie always does the trick.

  3. the glass is very creative and so sexy, love the design. i really do not have comfort purchase, comfort foods, a lot :) i crave for filipino dishes a lot of times, mostly fish and sea foods.

  4. My daughter is a "panties" buyer :-) she seems to go through lots of them!

  5. This is a very thoughtful thing for you to do for your friend! I always get a pedicure to make me feel better!

  6. @Icy BCFor me it is food. haha, it's what makes me happiest.

  7. @betchaiI like that it has the red panties, my friend will think I had it made specially for her. :-)

  8. @Susan in SCpedicure is definitely one of the top on my list too.:-)


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