Ipad Versus a Laptop

Pink Ballet PrincessWe resisted the Apple products for a long time. I guess just observing other people's excitement is enough to keep me away. Although you have to admit there is something very special about Apple products, from the simple designs to the compactness, the products are very versatile. And this is why the Apple store is always packed.
It is hard to see your kids, mainly Princess Trinity on a computer. It is even harder when she wants me to "share" my computer.

Princess Pink Ballet I learned the hard way about keeping my things away from the kids. I used to share everything I owned with the boys, and the outcome as you can guess, was not good, let a lone frustrating at times. Since the computer that Princess Trinity uses has gone from horse racing to Zebu walking, we needed to do something.

The choices came down to a debate between a laptop or an Ipad. SO like to rule in this area, so he made the plunge for the Ipad after he found the apple store coupons.

It was a great decision given how long the battery lasts and how Princess Trinity has access to all the free learning applications. She is learning how to spell, do math, and read aloud. It isn’t just about surfing the internet - that is daddy’s department. For Princess Trinity, it is about getting to the next level in the adding challenges, and building her wonderful aquarium.
Why, I even cheered her on about getting to the next level and earning enough coins to buy a "Mommy Fish" for her aquarium!

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  1. i agree with you, it's not just about the internet when in front of the computer, i trained my nieces and nephew before in analytical thinking, puzzle solving and math at about Trinity's age too through building skills interactive computer programs and games. i am thinking about getting an Ipad too, but for now, just sticking with iPhone :(

  2. PS.....yes, that was me in the peacock post. also, I do not join memes since I feel pressured to leave comments, I am comfortable just leaving comments to those I am already comfortable sharing my thoughts. But I may join memes this summer for my new blog, Breathe in Breathe Out. Thanks a lot for asking, Amanda.

  3. I played with the Ipad in the store, and love the feel, and compact size..Great for traveling I thought.

  4. JDaniel loves to use my iPad. I have been able to find great apps for him to use and stories to read for it.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I changed my blog url from eating in winnipeg to http://thesweetdetail.blogspot.com/ hope to have you come over there and follow me there :)

  6. Your little princess is adorable! My Snuggle Bunny got a hand me down laptop when his brother got a new one. Nice to know she's liking her IPad.

  7. How can you not lover a proper princess with a crown :-). I'm glad you were able to resolve the computer issue. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. She looks like an absolute doll in those pics. And congrats on the item, I love getting new technology!

  9. I've resisted these products too and it's mostly because I already have a laptop and couldn't justify having something else like it. And the biggest was just not being able to afford such purchases.

    I was age 18 before I saw a computer :) And my 3 year old is learning on my computer! I shake my head. It's the time of life.

    I am loving the idea of the ipad with all those learning accessories too. That was a good decision for you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I need to learn alot more about it.

  10. Ipads are cool and they are great educational tools for children.

  11. How lucky is your little princess. I have never thought about getting an ipad for the kids.


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