Extended Car Warranty is a Wise Choice

Car maintenance is one of those expenses I would never really understand. Really. I work on saving a dollar here and there and just when I am proud that I made some progress with the little piggy bank, all it takes is one trip to the mechanic’s shop to suddenly make me feel broke.

Whenever the big hunk of metal goes in for service it never fails, I am price shocked. Even after how many cars and how many times I have been in this situation before. Alright, I can’t hold it anymore. It’s not my car that I am complaining about. It seemed that I have made better choices about cars than the males I end-up with, because I always have an Extended Warranty. I go in for service and come out paying most of the time zero.

The car SO has now happens to be the most expensive to repair and maintain. These types of cars should be required to have a warning before purchase such as: “Buyers beware! I am very expensive to maintain. My parts will cost you more than you spend on your girlfriend or wives, so think twice. If you buy me, be sure to pick up an Auto Warranty, and save your relationship.”

Seriously, I didn’t know SO’s car was confirmed and known to be expensive to own until one day when I heard the thorough explanation from a mechanic that solely work on SO’s type of car. The mechanic said he owned every single car there was, but the one my SO has, because it costs literally an arm and a leg to get anything repair. I wasn’t sure at that point whether I should be happy that heard it from the specialist or I should be depressed.

Seeing that the mechanic was a little excited, I thought perhaps he might be exaggerating. I decided to ask a long time mechanic friend - he is literally my far lost brother. I was told the parts for SO's car cost more than Mercedes Benz parts. The truth was delivered.

But, no need to weep, it isn’t hopeless. There is always a warranty program from Fidelity Automotive Solutions to suit your car. Car Warranty is necessary for any car owners, it is the health insurance for cars and one that will save thousands of dollars for SO’s high cost to maintain vehicle.

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  1. Wow! What kind of car is this? I will make sure to warn my family. lol

  2. I needed this post because I got flat tire and it scared the crap out of me. Seriously, any issues with cars are rough.

  3. oh, we have been living in auto warranty too, we are afraid we are too ignorant about cars and don't want to get headache when repairs come.

  4. Glad it's not hopeless, good to have coverage.


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