California vs Dallas, Texas Real Estate

Dallas Home for saleIn regards to real estate, the demand is definitely not the same everywhere in the US. Even in the middle of tough times when people can’t get qualified, and the banks are not approving loans, Santa Clara County, CA is still keeping up with multiple bids. And worst yet, now your buyers / competitors include investors who are coughing out cold cash.

For average families, it isn’t every day that they think about buying a house, but it is likely that there are at least one investor making an offer on every transactions.

So where are the deals and how can you expect to come out ahead? If you ever love the big and bold, and I am talking about land wise here, you can get more home or land for the money compared to California market price. You can do your research on Dallas Homes for Sale. But I warn you, be careful that you don't get too carried away, since it is amazing what money can buy in Dallas Real Estate.

The difference between Santa Clara County, CA and Dallas, TX? For the same price of Dallas Homes For Sale, let’s take $1.7 mil for example, you could buy a house with couple more acres more than Santa Clara County, CA. Of course it would depend on the area, but in general the same amount of money could buy you a much larger lot in Dallas.

As you can see from the image below the prices can varied depending on which city in Dallas. It will depend on how deep your pocket is and what rate of tolerance you can handle, but interest rates are still pretty attractive even with the ups and downs.
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  1. The prices on housing do vary in each state. Sadly it seems the news reports it so dire for states that are always in the news that people don't get to think about other optioins in other states.

  2. What is SO silly is hw much prices of homes (and living in general), have inflated astronomically but that salaries haven't. Regular, wonderful, people working hard and paying their bills can't afford $200 thousand for a small house (even with the low rates), at least, that's how much houses cost where I am.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  3. great info Amanda, am into small and simple, so I guess I am okay in CA as long as I won't swim in million dollar loans for a home, instead have stress free life swimming in the ocean :)

  4. It seems like we can't chose where we want to live because of circumstances, and job is the biggest part of all.

    I believe you'll get more land in TX than in Cali for the money. Great info!

  5. I would love to live in Cali more than TX as far as the weather is concerned, even if the housing and cost of living are higher.

    Good to know information!


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