Tempt Me Please

Did you know that my SO is the cause and the root of all the evils in my life? The evil of addiction to finer things in life, and I love him even more for it. I like almost everything, and it isn’t easy to strike-out with me. I can always find beauty and purpose in everything that I do or have. I am easily tempted so needless to say he hasn’t failed once!

Let’s see, first it started with food and drink items such as Coke and happy juice. Then it was cole haan shoes, and really from that point on, I was done. Shoes are shoes, but Cole Hann is beyond special to me.

That is until I met stuart weitzman, styles that fit for a princess. Wearing a pair of shoes like these pictured here would call for an evening out at a fancy ball. Even with the spiky heels they look comfortable. I can remember having a pair of shoes that was so badly made, it cut into my toes and I couldn't even bare to have them on after an hour.

And by the way, SO mentioned that it is time I should move up to a different bag / purse now that Trinity doesn’t need a lot of things to travel anymore. I can give up my toddler bag and upgrade to something a little more appropriate for the occasions, such as koolaburra boots, or a Michael kors Sachets.

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  1. hahaha, we share some things in common, I love Cole Haan shoes :)

  2. Those shoes are GORGEOUS. But even if I bought them, I would have no place to wear them to. :(

  3. At one time, I was obsessed with Cole Haan for the comfort it gave me. I found two flat pairs and wore them all the time. I can't wear heels, and haven't found anything since..

  4. I'm both a shoes and purse person. Some men will question us how much shoes [or purse] can a woman own? and the answer will always be the same... depends whose woman you are asking. hahaha

  5. I love shoes and bags and I know that I have to spend a little more for quality and comfort. I love Michael Kors handbags.


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