Thule Bike Racks

We are ready for some summer activities and currently planning out our schedules. We love to ride our bikes, but will need to get new thule bike racks this year. Yes, we have been waiting for Trinity to be ready to go on the trails, and we have delayed updating our bike rack for a couple of years. But she seemed to be ready now since we have been practicing on short trips in the neighborhood.

I like the bike carriers I saw on Thule.com. They look great. The website has a great function that allows you to enter your car make and model to make sure you get the right ones to fit your car. It isn't worth the hassle to have to return something if it isn't the right fit. I can't wait for summer to begin!
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  1. Sounds like it will be fun to go for bike ride all together. Good luck finding a new bike rack!

  2. I was thinking of buying a bike, now that I am here in China. Looks like there are nice places to go biking to on weekends.

  3. Trinity, you go girl. Once biking, don't stop. I made the mistake of stopping and now I cannot ride anymore. Oh the shin splints!!!

  4. Wonderful idea to take the family out for an outing in nature!

  5. hmmmmm.... i always love to ride bikes when i was younger. now that i am a grown up i still want to but the bike doesn't fit me. i cannot reach the pedal. hahaha i am into a new thing now - running and getting a little serious. then, hubby told me - "you are not going to do triathlon next day, are you?" then, I said - heck no, I can run ok but i will look ridiculous doing the swimming part with bubbles around my waist and the biking part with the kiddie bike with trainers. hahaha. and he was relief!


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