Entrepreneur Brett Merl Instrumental In Expanding Company's Services

The chief executive officer of the Legal Club of America®, Brett Merl proved to be influential in streamlining the company's procedures and improving the size and depth of their network coverage. Brett Merl recruited not only new attorneys in all 50 states but other professionals as well because he realized that many of his legal clients needed assistance with financial planning and tax preparation. To solve this problem, Brett Merl worked with experts in these additional industries to create new services.

Brett Merl Continues to Keep Things Fresh

Brett Merl realizes the market is ever changing. Therefore, he constantly investigates trends in benefits packages and searches for ways to meet customer's needs. After conducting his latest research, Brett Merl came up with several unique benefits packages for businesses, individuals, and families. The free and discounted legal help, financial education and credit counseling, mortgage mitigation services, and health-related services are some of the most popular. Brett Merl continues to find out what companies need the most and offers unique solutions to these problems.

Passion Leads To Generous Programs For Brett Merl

Based on his passion for hockey, Brett Merl quickly discovered several youth hockey programs that greatly needed support. He took his love of the game and used it to start funding youth hockey programs in areas where there was a need, beginning in the state of Florida. After that initial startup, he supported additional programs in Michigan and Ohio, rejoicing in the chance to share his devotion to the sport with the next generation of players.
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