Scion iQ, 2011 Best New Cars

So who can tell me what a Scion iQ is? It is smart, it’s built to last and it is economical. Those are just a few of the new 2011 Scion iQ characteristics. To add to the appeal, it has ten airbags and the scion iq pricing starts at $12,000.

I want a Scion iQ because I am young, and I am hip. I want to make a statement when I drive the car in the city. I am going through a midlife crisis. All which are false.

The truth would be more in the lines of, I am tire of driving a gas hog. I want to get around a lot easier in a car that is only 120 inches in length. The 2011 scion iq has three adult seats + 1 child or pet seat, with a four-cylinder engine, and the combined fuel economy is estimated at 30 miles per gallon. The centerpiece of the interior of the car also comes with a 10-inch pop-up monitor. When the monitor is closed, the image on its screen still projects out of its acrylic casing.

I wouldn't mind having a fun car for once, since I have always bought a car because it fits the family. The Scion iQ is a sporty car that started its roots in Japan in 2008, then made its way to Europe, and now Toyota has brought it to the US to entice the young working adults during this tough economy. Just for reminders, the current rate of 1.00 USD = 0.7287 EUR today.

However, there is still plenty of goodness in the US, for example, the blogging world has taken off quite nicely and there are plenty of bright and talented individuals sharing a wealth of knowledge on the internet for FREE. And of those great free info is this post about the Scion iQ - a car that is about to blast the United States with a lot of its smartness.

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  1. Very cool looking car! I always go for the more sporty looks and one with that kind of gas mileage is even more tempting.

  2. This car looks very nice, and very futuristic..Hope to get one in the future.


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