Portable Pulse Oximeters

Have you ever wished that you own monitors like the ones in your doctor’s office to use at home for your love ones, or for yourself? The finger pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen carried through the blood. The compact, self-contained unit simply slips onto the finger and within seconds displays your data. The pulse oximeter is compact in size, which allows you to keep them in your pocket or in a drawer. The finger pulse oximeters are ideal for use in the hospital or clinical environment, during emergency or land transport, or for in-home use.

It is a small price to pay for everything that you get, the kit comes with batteries, carrying case, around-the-neck lanyard, and a shock resistant protective rubber cover, all in a reusable, custom foam-padded box for half price. Regular $99.00, on sale for $49.99 and FREE shipping.

At Concord Health Supply there are many other medical devices that hospitals and clinics often carry. It is particularly comforting to know that the online website is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I can vouch for businesses that are BBB certified because I have dealt with the BBB on some occasions and learned that they can and will settle disputes in all fairness.
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