Electronic Waste Reclycling Management

The faster technology changes the more e-waste our earth will end up with. It is scary to see how much electronics are being tossed everyday, from iPods, laptops, Nintendos, to hair dryers, and kitchen appliances. It is a responsibility that we all should take upon ourselves to do our part as our world becomes more technologically advanced. What do you do with your unused electronic items?

Luckily our town occasionally organizes a day of collecting e-waste for school or church donations. Things they collect are old TVs, monitors, computers, phones etc. It is essentially important for everyone to help control the recycling of these material instead of allowing them to end up in our landfills.

Round 2 is a company that specializes in computers recycling for small and large companies. Their technicians are trained to recycle in large volumes. The process for each shipment is tracked and organized so that the customer knows exactly what happens to their e-waste. How does the e-cycling process work? There are two approaches, one is dismantling the parts manually and the other is by shredding. Dismantling manually is a time consuming process, but the parts will be reused, or refurbished to be used in other equipment. Shredding involves dumping the parts into huge industrial shredders. The recyclers will be able to recover the maximum value from the recycled materials, but that is the extent of the shredded pieces.

It is amazing how much electronic waste companies generate and how much Round 2 has helped to cut down on the carbon footprints in the last five years since their business started.

Round 2 is also committed to preventing the unauthorized dumping of electronic waste in developing countries. As some of you might know about the companies that claimed to be green but instead were quietly selling large volumes of e-waste to a Los Angeles exporter who shipped it to Hong Kong. To get an idea of what Round 2 does and its massive operation, I encourage you to watch the electronics recycling video on the Round 2 website, there is nothing more eye opening to see.

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