Dental Care Is Affordable With Merchant Discount Health Plan

As the cost of gas, food and other basic necessities continue to rise throughout the country, many people are forced to discontinue routine dental visits. However, many are finding that the Merchant Discount Health Plan (800-319-5243) allows them to keep dental care a priority. With up to 50% savings on various services, individuals can maintain important check ups that can prevent costly repairs later as well as prevent dealing with painful teeth because they can't afford the solution.

Dental Coverage Through Merchant Discount Health Plan

With the Merchant Discount Health Plan (800-319-5243), employers can offer various discounts to their employees and their families. Dental care services include cleanings, crowns and root canals. Members can save up to 50% on these types of services depending on the provider. In addition, discounts for other dental services such as orthodontics and periodontics are available with certain providers. The Merchant Discount Health Plan's network of dentists are credentialed and must continually maintain their standing to participate in the plan.

Easily Find Local Providers Available With Merchant Discount Health Plan

The Merchant Discount Health Plan allows members to locate a provider near them so they can receive the best services and discounts available. To find a provider in a certain area, visit MerchantsDiscountHealthPlan.com or call 800-319-5243. Someone is there to assist members Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. They can answer any questions about payments, discounts and finding the right provider.
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  1. Dental coverage is important as our oral hygiene plays a big part in our overall health.

  2. With the many people out of work, it is important to find affordable dental coverage.


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