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Cheap Website Hosting Services

One thing about managing your own website or blogs is having to face the decision of where to host them. I have been struggling with and thinking on an off about changing the website host for my domains. There are so many services available it is confusing to know which one to go with.

A tech geek I chatted with in an online forums started a discussion about ultrawebhosting having LiteSpeed Technology hosting on 8-core Xeon servers with the most competitive pricing. When I followed the thread, it became obvious that the site has many positive testimonials. I was curious about their support structure, and set-up fees. As it turned out, there is zero set-up fees and the support is instant if live, and the average customer service response time is only 12 minutes. Usually when there is a technical problem, it is very frustrating, but I can work with 12 minutes.

It is also great to learn about the setting up of websites without knowing html! Duh, why couldn’t it be like an application such as Microsoft Word or Publisher? There should be a button for each task you want to accomplish. Just like many phones and electronic gadgets going to touch command. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out a program where website creation is more intuitive. Perhaps like FrontPage but better?

I enjoyed reading about this webhosting site, especially their testimonials. I believe business owners or who are setup on the server network would benefit to learn about their 8-core Xeon servers, since they do offer the best pricing. As for their web hosting service, they are very competitive with other hosting services, but they stand out for the FREE Template Package, Word Press Theme, Domain Registration and Site Builders.

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  1. You are over my head with this post. I barely know how to get my simple blog post up.

  2. Great information. I have been casually looking at website hosting sites mainly to learn. It would be nice to find one that didn't require knowledge of html.

  3. This is all Greek to me, Amanda. I don't know anything about web hosting or anything like that. I am so computer illiterate other than how to turn it on and to type. I thought I was doing pretty good to get a blog going! You are really so bright about all this stuff.

  4. I'm glad there are more options for web hosting now. It's good to have choices.

  5. I have a very sweet friend who educates me on my blogging when I get lost, which is more often than I would like. :-) Since I have purchased both my blogs and have enough basic knowledge to keep them going I am afraid to venture out.

  6. @LVThe good part is you don't have to know about website hosting, the host will be managing it for you.

  7. @SquirrelQueenSo many people manage their own blogs and websites now that this option should be standard.

  8. @RNSANEIt is not something any of us should get into, we are writers. But all you have to know is that they can host your domain and blog if you so choose to.

  9. @★Mumsy★It is getting so much more user friendly in the tech world. Smiles.


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