Shapeez Body Shapers

My work-out hasn't yield much noticeable results. I am going to have to pull out my Best Body shaper. Have you tried it? It is so amazingly comfortable. It also shapes your body, tuck-in the excess to the right places. I bought the Best Bra from Shapeez Styles.com too. It is the only upper undergarment I will put on myself besides the covers.

The seamless bras are the best invention! Seams make me itchy and I have been wearing my tops inside out to avoid the poky seam lines. I have gotten to the age, or something like that, where every little thing bothers me. For example yellow kitchen lighting never bothered me before. Now I can't even see the objects because everything has a halo under these lights. While I am on the lighting subject,

I saw a very cute chandelier I have to show you, since it is almost Valentine's day, I just couldn't help but drool. Lights can be such beautiful additions to a space, it can set the mood or ruin the mood - like the yellow lights in my kitchen that gives off halo effects to the objects.

The body is so strange. It is getting cranky in its old age!

I think I will try the Lacee Long Body Shaper Cami Bra next. It looks comfortable and even stylish! So pretty with the laces, you can wear it inside a low cut top or jacket. It sounds like I don't have to worry about losing the extra five pounds anymore, if I keep some extra body shaper camis on hand.
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  1. Yes it's all yellow light. I want daylight light.

    I hear I can buy bulbs like that.

    Oh and the body shaper I need as I get older.


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