Purple Flowers and Photo Lense Phobia

I don't know the name of this flower, but I know it is quite popular and many of you will know the name. The grouping of these flowers in a garden really makes an impact, but I never had the guts to plant in such volume. It is a fear of "too much", actually it is probably more like a phobia.

When I have more than three of something, I get the worries of becoming a bag lady or a junkie. Thus, these beautiful purple Sage look-a-like flowers are not from my garden, it is from Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.

Since the remodel of the park & zoo, there have been wonderful garden additions. You can feast your eyes on some very beautiful color spots such as the Pink / Fuschia Hollylocks or the Bella Lilacs just to name a couple.

This post brings me to a very low inventory of flower photos. I will need to get out and about to take more photos. I certainly don't have the photo bug ever since I started blogging and I am happy about that. I used to live behind the camera and I felt like I missed so much. Now, I am trying to enjoy reality and being there, instead of being behind the lenses. I am very careful about getting too involved in photo taking and becoming addicted to it. So I will approach with caution. Have a wonderful day.

bell-shaped flowers bright purple buds

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  1. I love purple flowers! These are beautiful..

  2. I don't know the name of the flower but they are very pretty. Purple is my favorite colour and these make a nice punch of colour in the garden!

  3. I love the blue of sage and never get tired of it. I have some that blooms along a stone wall, and I wait for it, eagerly, each summer.

  4. Gorgeous purple flower mosaic!!! Such intense colors make a beautiful mosaic!!!Have a wonderful week!!!

  5. These photos you have in here are really good capture and I know that it would be attractive for some flower bouquet.


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