Prescription Eyeglasses at Zenni Optical

It’s time to take grandma to get new eyeglasses. Since the last two years, her medical insurance has not been covering for eye glasses, or dental. It is really sad for the elderly. However, prescription eye glasses don’t cost that much anymore if you buy them online at Zenni Optical!

The price starts as low as $6.95 for a basic frame. The most you would pay for a decent bifocal pair of glasses is $17.95, that’s under $20.00. Now that is very affordable.

Currently the only drawback is that you can’t try on the glasses physically, but you can upload a photo of yourself and try the glasses on that way. It isn’t like you don’t already know which frame shape looks good on you.
Design Framed Prescription Eyeglasses BlinkDesign Framed Prescription Eyeglasses Women

I really heart- heart Zenni Optical for coming up with the idea to sell prescription glasses online. I am thankful for the business because they have been the place for my sisters and my sons to get their glasses. We saved a lot of money with them.
The wonderful thing is even when we have to pay for the glasses, it is less than what the insurance deductible is. Zenni Optical has so many styles to choose from. My son loves his rimless glasses because he thinks they are more comfortable than the frames we bought from the local optometry. He approves the glasses and I approved the prices.

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  1. That is definitely sad for our elderly. We should be taking care of them but it's like society wants to sideline them.

    I love when competition makes things more affordable.

  2. I have to say that this site is incredible, and I'm definitely will see if they have some thing I like!

  3. Wow. I'll have to check this out! Thanks for the information. I spend a fortune on prescription glasses.

  4. @JamericanSpice It is hard to grow old in such a dynamic / fast pace environment, especially for those who are not born and raised here.

  5. @♥-Icy BC-♥ Yes, can you imagine how that has change our budgets financially?

  6. @Margaret Duarte I hope you're able to find something you'll like. There are so many styles, it's hard for me to pick just one. As you can see from above.


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