No More Mad World

Abandon Student Chair DeskI love the song Mad World ever since I heard Adam Lambert sung it on American Idol. I was mesmerized with this version, and perhaps it fitted my world when it was sung. Thankfully it is contrary to the world I am in now. Life has been good to me and my family. I wish I could tell you that I won the lottery to spice things up a bit, but I did not. We are just blessed with time together and no major ordeals to deal with, and the no major ordeal is a huge blessing by itself.

Although, January will be a busy month. It is during this time that I do financial planning for the year, and usually start preparing for taxes. I wrap-up bills, or make sure I am putting money away for the kids. I also work on simplifying the processes, but simplifying is an on-going effort, because I have not come up with any shortcut. I have read some money articles where they suggested in order to save for something special we should open an account specifically for that purpose. For example, open an account for emergency, for the vacation of our dreams, for our #1 kid, another for #2 kid, and so on. If I did that, I would constantly be running around checking on these accounts, and there is no time for this kind of task. As it is, I don't even go to the banks or the tellers.

Speaking of tasks, do you remember when Washington Mutual and Country Wide were bought out? The mergers caused big messes with my accounts, and added more work for me. It took me months to figure out what went wrong and to get it corrected. I tried to be prepared to the best of my ability, but sometimes it is out of my hands. The financial institutions were not sure themselves who should be handling what, so the customers suffer. That is why rich people have financial managers so they don't have to deal with the tedious stuff.

But, even with all the little hassles in life, there is not a day that go by that I am not thankful for our current state. Life is the way I ever thought it should be, peace, love and harmonious.

Let's have a great week!

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  1. I love that song, too. I have the Tears for Fears version which is a bit pop, but still very good.

    CJ xx

  2. I like that song, and hopefully there is no more madness..

  3. Not an Adam Lambert fan, but I am glad you are in a different place in your life now.

  4. oh, thanks for reminding us it is again tax time :)

  5. Glad things are going well for you and your family, may it continue for a very very long time.
    I still like Adam lambert
    and he can still sing the heck out of a song!

  6. Happy New Year. I hope that 2011 brings you a full measure of happiness. It sounds like you're ready for whatever comes your way. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. I kinda like Adam's version, thanks for posting it. I was just reading about the name of your blog. Very interesting, I will deffo be back to read more!

  8. Adam Lambert has such a great voice! I saw this performance!

  9. There is so much to be thankful for. I'm glad you are in a different place right now in your life with family and love ones to enjoy.

    This is a song I love.

    Have a joyful week!

  10. Yes, that was one hell of a season when he was on. I'm not a fan of his, but he is one hell of a showman I must admit. Thanks for playing along this week, and I hope we see you next week too! Have a good one my friend.


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