Mommy Extreme Work-out

When you feel your best, in general life is better. It hasn’t been too long ago when the words weight loss didn't exist my vocabulary. I didn’t have to worry about what I ate. I was always skinny, and there wasn’t any happy flappy hanging on me.

When I was working I was more consistent about working out. I was able to work out during my lunch hour. I felt less stressed, and if anything the most unresolved and troublesome issues I was going through seemed minute.

Lately, even with the exercises that I do, they are not doing the trick. I guess that is why many people have turned to weight loss pills. I can’t bring myself to leave the kids to go to the gym. My gosh! Some mothers do! I know a single mother who worked all day, then left her children with the sitter for two hours, three times a week so that she can go to the gym! I couldn’t leave my kids after a long day at work already, who is going to cook and feed them? I guess, I could be one of those extreme mommies, but my kids always come first.

Even so it will get to a point where exercises will not work even with the best effort put out. Sometimes a little help from the best weight loss pills is all you need to be motivated and get you going on your way.

As Miss Trinity is getting older, some things have become easier, and somethings not. Looking at these photos, I would say, it's all worth it and who in the right mind would complain?

Trinity photo taken with her new Christmas 2010 presents. The Cinderella necklace, purse and light-up shoes, and some books.

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  1. It's so hard to find the time to exercise...let's not even get started with the motivation...:)

  2. That is so sweet!

    Have a great day!

  3. God bless Miss T. You are right, she is your priority.

  4. I just can't seem to find the time for a work out. Adorable pictures I love her little coat.

  5. @angieYes, that is why I have happy flappy.

  6. Aw, Trinity is just adorable. She has the sweetest smile.

    I try to keep up a fitness routine but sometimes I just take long walks in one of our local parks.


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