Lose Knives and Lose Weight

Do you agree that there are items in the household that constantly need replacing? I can think of a few off the top of my head. It seemed that knives, scissors, and tweezers are always missing, lost or misplaced.

My sister said she can’t stand dull knives. Neither can I, but I have a problem with keeping my knives sharp. I even bought a knife sharpener to get into a routine of sharping them. It didn’t help, it sat in my cupboard since the day I brought it home. This was when I discovered zero tolerance knives, a knife that lasts and makes cooking easier. It takes so much time and effort to slice meat or anything with a dull knife. Sometimes I avoid food that needs cutting just because of this.

At one point, avoiding certain food has helped me lose weight without trying. I ate less and was always on the move. Now a day, it is a different story, if it weren’t for the weight loss pills, I would be shapeless. I can tell you, it isn’t about how much exercise or how much on the move you are anymore. It is simply because of the aging process. Growing old comes with many privileges, one of them being additional love handles, and the bulges going to areas less desirable than when I was younger.

I like that there are options. It isn’t always the first choice, but miracle don’t come that cheap either. There are ways to loose weight, you just have to be open to them and like many things, moderation and discipline is key.
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  1. It's a standing joke in my family about the dullness of my mom's knives. I bought her new knives and an electric knife sharpener for Christmas.

  2. I love cutting with a nice sharp knife, it always makes preparing food so much easier!

  3. These look great! Stopping by to say hi from the Hop Along Friday Hop. I am a follower. I hope you will stop by and see my new look. I moved to wp! Hope you have a great Friday! ~Heather www.livingonloveandcents.com

  4. Tweezers and scissors are always missing in my house! Some how, the knives are safe "-)

  5. There is nothing like a sharp knife, it is so much better than fighting with a dull one.


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